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Does Having Sex Without A Condom Feel Better. Free Hookup Tonight!

33 Men Compare Sex With A Condom To Sex Without One: ‘Like Showering In A Plastic Jumpsuit’

30 Jan How is it better? What feels different? Warmer, tighter, what? Most guys describe it as decrease in sensation. Which makes sense, as there is a physical barrier. So yeah . When I did start deliberately having intercourse without condoms with someone, the big (and unexpected) difference was emotional.

To an extent. However, that extent is far less than it was in the s. I came of age, sexually speaking, in the mid-eighties. Not long after the Exxon Valdez disaster, a standup comic made a joke about wrapping the boat in a condom, but getting. Obviously I can only speak from a female perspective, but to me it feels better without one, so I imagine it does for a guy too. If your gf is on the pill, you probably don't really need condoms, that's the whole point of taking it surely? **** Atheist Alliance **** **Holds metal part of the car door awkwardly in order. 5 Jul Then again, if the woman says I'm wearing a condom or we're not having sex, I'm wearing a condom. 0. 0|0. 0|0. John mho 12%. For me, it feels much better without one. I feel a lot more sensitive to touch when I don't have a condom on and it feels much smoother. It also feels a lot better to come inside her than into a .

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Unless he is pumping away like a jackhammer the whole time, then yes, there is a difference in feeling. I can't attest that this is the same for a woman but for a man it is certainly true. The condom makes one more 'aero-dynamic'. We feel less friction against the ridge of the head. This is a factor as to why many guys claim to last longer while wearing a condom. Regardless of feel though, as several others have suggested Also, why are you still having sex in a car? I don't have the words to describe how wonderful a vagina feels.

The difference between being in a vagina while wearing a condom and being in a vagina without a condom is like you trying to rub and excite your clitoris while wearing a surgical glove. You can eventually reach orgasm but it isn't as satisfying as skin to skin. You know there's all sorts of biochemical exchanges that can happen during sex, but none of that works when there's latex in the way.

The best possible sexual encounters will never involve condoms, let's put it that way. Anything so clever as to thwart nature always comes at a high cost. I've never used condoms since being sexually active and have becum too used to the bareback feeling.

Once you go bareback you never look back. The Does Having Sex Without A Condom Feel Better on skin sensations, feeling the warm, wet pussy is absolutely amazing.

Your orgasms are far more intense without condoms too ;- Oh I've always been tested first before sleeping with a partner for the first time and have never caught an STD either so there are safe ways to have unprotected sex: Yeah me and my girlfriend tried condoms and have them for when she's on her period but we rarely use them other wise, sex is more of a chore with a condom.

Whats so "chore" about it lol Condoms suck, plain and simple. For guys the difference between condoms and Those new ultra thin ones are better than the "regular" ones, but there's no substitute for skin-on-skin contact, not to mention nothing feels better than coming inside a girl.

Bare also makes it so much more intimate. On the other hand, condoms do make guys last longer. If I'm with some girl I just met or have been dating Cam To Cam Video Sex a few weeks, a month, or whatever is not considered "long-term," then I use condoms but if I'm in an exclusive, long-term relationship, no condoms.

Then again, if the woman says I'm wearing a condom or we're not having sex, I'm wearing a condom: For me, it feels much better without one. I feel a lot more sensitive to touch when I don't have a condom on and it feels much smoother.

It also feels a lot better to come inside her than into a condom. Most definitely feels better, main reasons being you get to feel her and not some latex pos.

Plus no awkward fumbling for a condom. This isn't an endorsement to do so though. Think about the consequences. I would like to point out that my girlfriend can't get pregnant. For me, I think it's all psychological. I prefer not to use condoms but I am very sensitive so I don't physically notice a difference. Well, I do but a small one. I think mentally, I enjoy sex without a condom because I feel like there isn't a barrier between us. And I really like the thought of that.

One of the men in my life used to always want to wear a condom. He said he didn't notice a difference with or without one. So much so that he thought all guys who said there was a difference were lying just to not have to bother with one.

Later, I realized it was that his penis was so sensitive that the condom helped him last a little longer. But with or without it, he felt a hell of Does Having Sex Without A Condom Feel Better lot so it didn't matter much to him. He was still going to feel a lot with it on. So maybe you are really sensitive to where any sensation feels amazing. I'm like your Does Having Sex Without A Condom Feel Better. Interestingly enough, he was!

I've heard uncircumsized guys were more sensitive then circumcized guys. This maybe too personal but do you think that is because your head is covered so it isn't always rubbing up against things or because when you have sex the foreskin goes back and forth on the head?

I would never suggest sex without a condom unless your totally committed and have no doubt that he is and both are STD free and no chance of a unwanted pregnancy because 20 mins of a good feeling is not worth a life time of a STD Yes, it's better without a condom. It's smoother, less friction, Best Sex Fucking Pics condoms occasionally make weird noise.

On the other hand, the fear of STDs and pregnancy without a condom is definitely not a plus - so if you go that route, make sure you and your partner have clean sexual histories.

It's actually pretty common nowadays to go and get tested, and your partner get tested, prior to having sex without a condom. Also, if you forgo condoms and rely only on the pill, be smart about it - you have to take it within the same couple of hours ideally in the same hour each day or it's less effective, and you have to revert to condoms if you miss two pills in a row or take antibiotics - antibiotics weaken the effectiveness of the pill, I know of somebody who got pregnant that way!

I would first like to point out that in the middle of this page I see a condom ad I was married forever and a day and we never used condoms and I have 2 babies lol. Nothing beats the feeling of bareback I agree!!!

Pulling out can help avoid pregnancy with perfect use. Also close this question. What Guys Said Does Having Sex Without A Condom Feel Better Most definitely feels better without a condom.

What Girls Said 9. Yeah, I can feel a big difference and going bare feels so much better. I don't notice any difference in feeling me personally! Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Select as Most Helpful Opinion? You cannot Over 60 Having Sex this action.

The opinion owner is going to be notified and earn 7 XPER points. Also close this question Not now Select.