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People have always asked me what it's like to be in a "long distance relationship". For the past year and a half, my boyfriend and I have gone from being an hour apart, being 15 minutes apart, being 8 hours apart, being 15 minutes apart and being an hour apart all over again.

I'm always asked if it's hard or if it's worth it to go through; my answer is always yes, for both. Having space in a relationship is healthy, it's always a good thing. When you're together all of the time, you just want to spend time together, hanging out, talking, etc.

Your significant other can be distracting. Yes, I know, you love being with them. I love being around my boyfriend, but sometimes I have work that Why Space Is Good In A Relationship to get done. Since we go to different schools, this allows us to get things done like homework or extra circulars. We understand that both of us have obligations that have to be done and if that means we don't talk very much that day, it isn't a big deal. I think this is the main issue that people disagree on when talking about having space in a relationship.

I promise you, the two of you are going to get into a fight or one of you is just going to be in a bad mood one day and you're going to want space from that person. You can't always be together. Personally, I think if you're always together it can cause arguments. When you're apart, you're forced to have to communicate more. When I say communicate more, it doesn't necessarily mean you have to text or talk on the phone more, but it means that you have to be deliberate in how or what you say to your partner because you're unable to have a face to face conversation.

When you're together all of the time, it can become boring. You've already gone on every date you can think of, you've already talked about everything there is to talk about.

Being apart makes the time you actually are together special. Sometimes, you just want to lay in bed by yourself, eat ice cream and watch Netflix.

You want to be able to fart and not worry about it. You want to be able to need to take a shower because you stink, but continue to put it off because you want to watch "just one Mature Fuck Free Video episode of Orange Is The New Black. You want to be alone and just relax, by yourself. When you're apart, it gives you time t o do that. You need time to recharge yourself and take care of yourself before you can give your partner your time and attention when you're together.

When you're apart, you are able to spend time with your friends and family. If you're always together, people tend to ignore their friends and family and not take the time to hang out with them. There's nothing wrong with wanting to spend time with your significant other, but hanging out with other people is still super important. It's all about divvying up your time appropriately.

Sometimes when you're always together in a relationship, you can smother each other. You can lose who you are in the other person. Maybe you're not taking the time to do your favorite things anymore because you're always together.

Maybe you're not spending much time with your friends anymore. The reason that your significant other fell for you, is Why Space Is Good In A Relationship you are YOU. Without alone time, time with other people, etc.

Your own experiences, opinions, etc. Without alone time, time with others, you become one unit instead of two individual, independent people. You have to stay true to you in order to be happy and feel satisfied and fulfilled. I simply just cannot stand to be in the company of men, and let me tell you, men NEVER are able to comprehend this.

They are baffled, in a complete state of disbelief, even sometimes denial, that a youthful, beautiful year old woman with a new feel of adulthood stemming from her limbs and vitality from her fingertips would want absolutely nothing to do with them.

Well, let me tell you how. At this time of my life, I have finally been given the chance to blossom on my own. I am a flower, and men are not my water. I will grow beautiful and strong without your parasitic presence. Of course, if there is the rare chance that a male manages to maneuver into my life and he aids to my growth instead of hinders it okay and if his music taste is better than mine he MIGHT be invited to stick around.

Hypothetically, If there was a repellent to keep away boys like there is for bugs, consider myself doused in it. In fact, I wish I had the option to be baptized in such a concoction because that seems a whole lot more holy than the DMs I get from frat boys with bible verses in their Instagram bios. We are students, thinkers, influencers, and communities Pictures Of Women Fisting our ideas with the world.

Join our platform to create and discover content that actually matters to you. It's that time of year again.

Target has had the display up since New Year's. You guessed it, Valentine's Day is here ladies and gentlemen. This is the time of year you either long for —— or dread.

Or at least that's what society has been telling us. If you're not in a happy relationship you should be actively looking for one or sitting on your bed with a fresh pint of Ben and Jerry's watching a Nicholas Sparks movie while you cry into your favorite blanket too real? But I say screw that. We shouldn't be conditioned so that our happiness becomes dependent on our relationship status.

I think the primary concern with this mentality is that when we look for happiness in a relationship we start hearing phrases like " She's my better half " or " He completes me. These are troubling because they are glorious falsehoods sugar coated in the sweet lies of an ever-hungry society. Our society has become so deprived of genuine and healthy relationships we find ourselves settling for what we know won't make us happy in the long run. Now please don't discount this as just another single girl's rant.

I've been there just like everyone else. But I've seen this unhealthy cycle over and over again, both from the inside and outside, and I want to propose an alternative.

Instead of succumbing to this vicious pattern, w e need to learn how to find happiness internally before we seek it externally. If we look for relationships to "complete " us we will never be satisfied. We should go into relationships as a whole person because I don't know about you, but I'd rather date a whole person than a half of a person. I'm going to make one final assumption here, most of us aren't whole yet.

I know I've grown more in the past semester than I have in my entire life. I've spent my first months in college Why Space Is Good In A Relationship who I am and who I could be. I've made friends that I hope to have with me for the rest of Why Space Is Good In A Relationship life, and I know they've had an effect on who I am today, and who I will be when I graduate. Now imagine trying to tie yourself and these periods of growth to another person.

You wouldn't have the same flexibility or freedom to take risks and try new things. To be fair, some people are ready for this commitment. I've seen relationships thrive in the chaos that is college, but I'm confident in saying that this is a minority. Personally, I think I still have a lot of growing to do. That isn't to say I'm not a whole person already, but I'd like to think there's more I have to do before I settle into the adult I'm meant to be.

So, in the meantime, I'm perfectly happy to be single this Valentine's Day. Home Communities Create Shop. You're able to do your own thing. You don't have to get tired of seeing each other. You have some alone time. Draven Ward Draven Ward Oct 31, Pam Vogel and NYPs: Welcome new, meaningful ideas to your inbox. Sign up for our weekly newsletter. Thank you for signing up! Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey.

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Why Space Is Good In A Relationship. Online Hookup!

Why Space In A Relationship Is A Good Thing

My first few relationships were with women that I fell head over heels with. Toxic women with BPD to be exact. But did BPD really matter? The reality is that, like most people, I was using BPD as an excuse for my failing relationship. Instead of taking a good, hard look at myself, it was way easier to just blame my partner and .

You'll have time to reflect on the relationship. A little bit of distance goes a long way. Having some space allows us to reflect on the relationship in both areas of good and bad. We can observe what works and find solutions to the things that don't. All relationships are a work in progress and being able to see the big picture. 28 Oct The idea of space is often associated with negative feelings – often one partner will be offended when the other person asks for space, either emotional or physical. We wonder about the underlying message and in general, many people tend to associate wanting space with feeling unloved, unwanted and. I'm a specialist in relationships: i've destroyed tons of them! I think a good relationship etablishes between to independant people. it's called interdependance. The opposite is of course dependance. Sometimes, giving space is a way to reassur.