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Elizabeth most likely had no memory of her mother because of her untimely end. Anne Boleyn was vilified as a witch — she supposedly seduced Henry VIII into doing things that he normally would not have done. He became displeased with his queen and found ways to find her guilty of treason. To ensure Anne was not an ongoing thorn in his side Henry had her beheaded instead of divorcing her.

It seems clear that he still had some feelings for Anne, Did Queen Elizabeth 1 Get Married he would not have allowed a more merciful death by sword instead of the normal axe. Elizabeth also had an interesting relationship with Sir Thomas Seymour when she was just a teenager and living with the dowager queen, Katherine Parr. During the downfall of Seymour many of those close to him and Elizabeth were interrogated.

Ashley stated that Thomas would flirt with Elizabeth in an improper fashion — and to thwart him from continuing these escapades Katherine would participate to keep a watchful eye by holding down young Elizabeth while Thomas tickled her. Inevitably, Katherine supposedly found them alone in an embrace and she immediately put a stop to this behavior.

She sent young Elizabeth away to her own household. When Katherine Parr died after the birth of her daughter Mary, Thomas Seymour once again turned his attentions to young Elizabeth. Elizabeth was interrogated in order to help build the case against Thomas, but she refused to say anything that would incriminate him — Elizabeth understood by incriminating Thomas she would also be hurting her own reputation at court.

Mary loved Philip dearly and fought to make him her king consort. After much argument with the council they agreed to the marriage as long as Philip was not allowed to make any political decisions for England.

Elizabeth had one man in her life whom she had known since childhood and loved very much — Robert Dudley. There had always been an attraction between Elizabeth and Robert. Elizabeth would find ways to be near Robert. This began when she appointed him her Master of Horse. A position that would keep him very close to her.

Later she would raise his station by making him a member of her privy council, Lord Stewart of the Royal Household and eventually the Earl of Leicester. For many years Elizabeth gave Robert Dudley hope that he was a leading suitor for her hand in marriage — something that would raise his status greatly.

The marriage was something that Robert was against because of his feelings for Elizabeth — how could she so easily use him as a pawn when they shared such a great love? Elizabeth understood that marriage meant an alliance. In order for her to marry there had to be a benefit for England. Marrying Robert Dudley would not benefit England — only Elizabeth. It was still long suspected that he would marry Elizabeth upon the death of his wife Amy. On 8th SeptemberAmy Robsart had insisted that all her servants be away from the household that day.

There was a local fair going on. When Amy was found dead at the bottom of her staircase with a broken neck Robert Dudley was immediately a suspect; however, he was vindicated because he was at court with Elizabeth at Windsor Castle.

An investigation was carried out and found the cause What Do You Get Your Girlfriend For Christmas death to be accidental but this did not remove suspicion from Robert and Elizabeth.

It was too convenient. For Elizabeth to be able to marry Robert, Amy could not be in the picture. Whether this was declared Did Queen Elizabeth 1 Get Married accident or not Elizabeth could no longer consider Robert a husband. It would ruin her kingdom and reign as queen. There is no Did Queen Elizabeth 1 Get Married that Elizabeth loved Robert Dudley. Unfortunately he would not wait forever for the queen to propose. Elizabeth was crushed and Did Queen Elizabeth 1 Get Married by the fact that her love could marry anyone but her — let How To Impress Girls her beautiful cousin.

When Robert died on 4 Septemberhis death came unexpectedly. Elizabeth kept the last letter Robert Dudley had written her prior to his death in her bedside treasure box — the letter was still there when Getting Married At The Courthouse Then Having A Wedding died over a decade later. It seems clear now that all the male relationships that Elizabeth had — her father, Philip of Spain, Thomas Seymour and Robert Dudley and the fear of losing control of her kingdom had helped to shape her stance on marriage in her future.

She also witnessed the death of Jane Seymour and Katherine Parr after giving birth — another possible outcome after a marriage. Facebook no longer shows our posts to a majority of our followers - Don't want to miss out on new articles? Subscribe to email updates from Tudors Dynasty. March 3, at 9: May 13, at 1: These articles never research the info on Katherine Parr! They always throw Katherine Parr under the bus without even questioning where the info came from and from whom.

Katherine Parr had been dead for several months by the time Ashley was arrested and put in the Tower. Ashley knew that women were no longer spared from torture i. The interrogators of Ashley were trying to implicate and charge Seymour after he had tried to marry Elizabeth again and kidnap Edward. Everyone had tired of his lunatic moves to take some power. When Elizabeth was staying with the couple, they were seated at Chelsea Manor—in what is now known as the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

The Manor was situated on the Thames and was close to several important establishments used by the Lord Protector and his council. Ashley was the only one to speak of Parr is such a demeanour. We also have evidence that Ashley encouraged Elizabeth to play along with Seymour. Ashley told Elizabeth that she would be lucky to have such a man. Evidence also states that Ashley was jealous and had a crush on Seymour — so the weight of her testimony … Is basically worth a grain of salt.

Parr never had any inappropriate relations with her stepchildren recorded as described by Ashley. Parr had stepchildren from until her death in September of Also, King Henry never would have left Parr in control of everything while he was in France if he believed her to be a bad influence and what not. Her Regency during this time in her reign, could have become a permanent status if Henry had died in France—The behaviour fits Seymour, but not Parr.

May 14, at Why did Elizabeth not get married? I have read most of these reasons before. And I am not convinced. Was the treatment of women, by her father, but also in other cases so threatening that she decided not to get married? As I said, I am not convinced. We humans have the capability to think that what happened to others will not happen to us, and to some extent, it is a good thing to think that way.

So, unless we find evidence that Elizabeth was influenced by the treatment of her mother, all this is pure speculation. The only thing we do know is that during her life she had some items around in memory of her mother, and she seems to have been fond of some of her maternal relatives. But does this mean she was afraid to get married? As I said, no proof, and pure speculation…. I am not convinced that the sorrow her sister had due to her phantom pregnancies made Elizabeth think again about getting married.

Pregnancies were a risk, but a risk people had to live with. It was not a reason not to have sex or to stay single. More a fact of life I think…. Yes, alliances can be cemented by marrying a foreign prince or princess.

But taking into account the position of women in that age, and politics, marrying a foreign prince, and even a king in his own right as Philip was made, could mean being drawn into disputes that were not to the advantage of England. Could he accept that he was supposed to be number 2?

In an age when officially men were supposed to be the number 1? It may have made her wary to marry a stranger… As she is said to have stated: Would marrying in England have been a problem? Edward IV had problems due to his marriage to Elizabeth Wydville.

But in the end most accepted the fact that the king was married to her. Marriage or no marriage, courts were always infested by strife.

The Scottish and French courts were the living proof of that. The personality and wisdom of the monarch were important in that respect. I think it is plausible that Elizabeth some times considered marriage to Robert Dudley. But he was a married man, and once he was not married anymore, the situation he was in prevented her to go through with that if she was considering it at that time. What we know about her relationship with him all circumstantialseems to point into the direction that he was a very important person in her life.

She must at least have cared about him, possibly loved him or even probably? Possibly she was attracted to the idea that he wanted her. She was a teen at the time, and possibly impressed by the idea.

Was she in love, puppy love? We really have no idea. The evidence is scarce. I agree with Meg that we have no real evidence on what part Catharine Parr played. It seems rather suggestive that she sent Elizabeth away. It suggests a mother stepmother making certain that all temptation was gone.

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Queen Elizabeth I

19 Oct Exposing Elizabeth as an imposter and fraud would have given Queen Mary the perfect out! It is curious to me that rather than embracing the obvious, some would prefer to cling to the most far fetched. Elizabeth never married bc she did not wish to be subservient to ANYONE. Including a husband.

14 Apr Over the years, countless books, novels, plays and films have depicted Elizabeth I's relationships with figures such as Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester; Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex, and the Duke of Anjou. In the absence of conclusive proof one way or another, the question 'did they or didn't they?. Getting married was stated, by no less an authority than St Paul, to be merely the second-best option to remaining a virgin all your life. The Virgin Mary was Queen of Heaven and Mother of God, just as the Virgin Elizabeth was Queen of England and mother of her people — and while making that comparison directly might. 16 Nov Did You Know? Elizabeth I was called the Virgin Queen because of her refusal to marry. Did You Know? It's believed that the cosmetic concoction Elizabeth used to cultivate her infamously pale look may have impacted her health and contributed to her death. Place of Birth: Greenwich, United Kingdom.